There is a lot to know about Bitcoin. If you want to benefit from its price increase, the best way is to dollar cost average to reduce the impact of volatility. Many large exchanges allow you to set up recurring purchases so that you can increase your Bitcoin position slowly over time. 

To sign up with one of these third-party exchanges (that act like banks), simply use the link below and we'll both receive an extra $13.00 in BITCOIN when you buy $130.00 worth.  

                       Coinbase will hold onto your coins and insure them for you. 


Disclaimer: Third-parties act like banks and partly the reason why Bitcoin was created in the first place - so that people would not be beholden to them. On the other hand, they do make life easy. Note that they control your private keys, and ultimately your funds. Be sure you check your insurance policies before taking any risk. This is purely educational information, not direct financial advice. 

Bitcoin, Security, and Anonymity


If you are as fascinated as I am with Bitcoin, and you want to take control of your private keys (if you lose them your Bitcoin is gone forever), you can take a different approach. There are many Bitcoin ATMs that you can deposit cash and receive Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with no identification needed. 

Unlike the Coinbase pathway to Bitcoin, with this, you will need your wallet that you setup. Long story short, if you connect your private keys to the internet, they are vulnerable to hack. Bitfi hardware wallet allows you to calculate your private keys on-demand with a device without ever having to store them anywhere. 

Step 1) Purchase your Bitfi wallet here: https://go.bitfi.com/product/bitfi-hardware-wallet/ref/12/

Step 2) Buy Crypto from an ATM near you and deposit it right to your highly secure, Bitfi wallet. 

Disclaimer: Bitcoin ATMs generally charge you more fees than large online exchanges such as Coinbase. You should also claim your taxes. 

Download PDF instructional below!

btcbegins (1) (pdf)